Practice Areas


The team at JCY Law assists clients in: setting up business structures; reviewing or preparing documents such as subscription agreements, shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, commercial leases, residential leases, equipment leases; conducting due diligence and preparing documentation for purchase or sale of businesses; and advising on compliance of business operations with applicable law.


If you or your business is a party to a lawsuit, lawyers at JCY Law can (i) help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and understand your legal rights and (ii) recommend options available to a resolution of the lawsuit.


Compliance with applicable law, such as employment and workplace health and safety legislation, is often viewed as an unnecessary cost of doing business. Many owners of small and medium sized businesses simply cannot afford to have on staff senior lawyers with over 25 years of practice experience to advise them on whether their business operations comply with applicable law.


Lawyers and clerks at JCY Law are available at set fees to prepare the documentation needed for businesses to comply with applicable law. Senior lawyers at JCY Law are available to advise on compliance and other legal issues that are common in business operations, such as defending lawsuits or planning and executing legal strategies to minimize business risks.


Real estate services include, but are not limited to, reviewing agreement of purchase and sale before signing by the buyer/seller, reviewing of status certi­ficate for condominium purchases, preparing and registering documents needed to complete a purchase/sale, and preparing and registering mortgage documents to complete a purchase or a mortgage transaction.


The first step in succession planning is to have a “Last Will and Testament” and a “Continuing Power of Attorney for Property” that reflect the latest personal needs of an individual. In addition, we recommend that individuals have a “Power of Attorney for Personal Care”. JCY Law offers these documents.


The second step is to plan for tax liability on succession. Proper and timely planning for individuals or business owners can reduce or defer the impact of tax liability at the time of succession. JCY Law offers services to assist individuals and business owners in their succession planning.


Family law services include: drafting common law relationship contracts, marriage contracts, and separation agreements; preparing and fi­ling application for divorce, application for child support, application for custody of children, application for spousal support, and application for name change; mediating family disputes; and litigating family disputes.