Fee Structure

Lawyers at JCY Law do not necessarily bill services exclusively on hourly rates. Lawyers at JCY Law use a fee structure that is tailored to the budgetary constraints of clients and to the nature of the subject matter of the legal services required. For corporate, commercial and business law engagements, and certain civil litigation cases, the fee structure may be made up of a combination of hourly rates charged by the lawyer or lawyers assigned to a file for certain segments of the work, fixed fees for certain segments of the work, and in certain cases, a premium expressed as a percentage of each component that make up the fee structure. For personal injury cases and certain employment plaintiff cases, the fee structure can be on a contingency basis.


JCY Law offers fee based consultation with a senior lawyer. The minimum consultation time is 60 minutes and in increments of 15 minutes thereafter. At the conclusion of the consultation, we will provide you with a verbal assessment of your legal and related business issues together with an estimate of fees and disbursements to proceed.

Our Engagement Letter

The terms and conditions of our services are documented in the form of an engagement letter. The common terms and conditions of an engagement letter include, but are not limited to, the nature, scope, exclusions, and limitations of our work; how the firm gets compensated and the payment schedules; the right of the firm to retain outside counsel and experts; and the firm’s policy on conflicts of interest.